1.) Because we are asked this frequently, we want to point out that we are NOT pacifists. We believe in the right to self-defense. The team that built this site is pretty-much the same team that built, touting the benefits of a well-armed populace.

2.) This site was inspired by the work of two folks, and the prompting of another. The inspiration came from Jude Wanniski (1936 2005) and Harry Browne (1933 2006). The prompting came from William J. Olson. This site is dedicated to the vision and wisdom of these three men.

My name is on several of the articles, but I could not have built this site without the team of Perry Willis, Geoff Braun, and Kristin Overn. We also had significant assistance from Steve Dasbach, Steve Willis, Harry Browne, and Elton Fox.

—Jim Babka

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