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Harry Browne on What's Next

Democracy domino plan won't work: secret report

Were Neo-Conservatives' 1998 Memos a Blueprint for Iraq War?

"Proof" that Iraq sought uranium was fake

War 'may bring more terror'

US prepares to use toxic gases in Iraq

Army Chief: Huge Force Would Occupy Iraq

A threat on eve of UN vote

GAO: Justice Dept. Inflated Terror Cases

What Happened to the War on Terrorism?

Full U.S. Control Planned for Iraq

Inspectors call U.S. Tips 'Garbage'

The Price We Pay

False Alarm? Terror Alert Partly Based on Fabricated Information

Bin Laden-Hussein Link Hazy

CIA 'sabotaged inspections and hid weapons details'

Rumsfeld Won't Rule Out Nuclear Bomb Against Iraq
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Our Claims

Claim #1: One of our radio ads asserts that Hussein has no nuclear weapons, or other weapons of mass destruction. How do we support this claim? And what if he acquires these weapons in the future?

Claim #2: One of our radio ads claims that Hussein has no clear ties to Osama bin Laden or other terrorist groups. Can we back-up this assertion in the face of Colin Powell's UN testimony to the contrary?

Claim #3: One of our radio ads claims that a congressional declaration of war is needed to invade Iraq, but doesn't Bush have that already?

Claim #4: One of our radio ads claims our government was told in advance by Hussein that he might invade Kuwait in 1990, but we did nothing to deter him. Can we support this claim?

Claim #5: One of our radio ads makes the startling claim that our government lied to the world before the last Gulf War when we claimed that Iraqi troops were massed on the border of Saudi Arabia, ready to invade. Can we support this serious charge?

Claim #6: One of our radio ads claims that the same people who are proposing the current war were also involved in the first one, and that their lies then should lead us to reject what they're saying now. Who, exactly, are we talking about?

Claim #7: One of our radio ads claims that Bush's plan to invade Iraq is not motivated by the "War on Terror." Can we support this claim?

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Coming Attractions

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Operation Iranian Freedom
Operation Syrian Freedom
Operation Libyan Freedom
Operation Lebanese Freedom
Operation Zimbabwean Freedom
Operation Philippine Freedom *
Operation Pakistani Freedom
Operation Afghan Freedom III *
Operation Indonesian Freedom
Operation Saudi Arabian Freedom
Operation Algerian Freedom
Operation Angolan Freedom
Operation Azerbaijani Freedom *
Operation Bahrainian Freedom
Operation Belarusian Freedom
Operation Bhutanian Freedom
Operation Bruneian Freedom
Operation Burmese Freedom
Operation Burundian Freedom
Operation Cambodian Freedom
Operation Cameroonian Freedom
Operation Chadian Freedom
Operation Colombian Freedom *
Operation Cuban Freedom
Operation Egyptian Freedom
Operation Equatorial Guinean Freedom
Operation Eritrean Freedom *
Operation Haitian Freedom
Operation Kazakhstanian Freedom
Operation Kenyan Freedom
Operation Korean Freedom
Operation Laotian Freedom
Operation Maldivian Freedom
Operation Omani Freedom
Operation Qatari Freedom
Operation Rwandan Freedom *
Operation Sudanese Freedom
Operation Somali Freedom
Operation Swazilandian Freedom
Operation Tajikistani Freedom
Operation Tunisian Freedom
Operation Turkish Freedom *
Operation Turkmenistanian Freedom
Operation Uzbekistani Freedom *
Operation Yemeni Freedom
Operation Russian Freedom
Operation Chinese Freedom

* Don't miss the surprise twists in these productions, when members of the "Coalition of the Willing" discover they've been targeted by Rule-the-World Productions.

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The United States Government

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"We're from the government and we're here to help you."


Due to conflicts of interest, we've had to cancel:

Operation American Freedom

Our Apologies

We apologize that some of our previous epics ended tragically.

Operation Vietnamese Freedom didn't live up to its advance billing.

Operation Panamanian Freedom was scripted to end Panama as a drug conduit, but instead destroyed the Panamanian military—leaving no way to stop the flow of drugs.

Operation Iraqi Freedom: the Prequel was intended to produce an Iraqi uprising and an end to the evil demon, but we changed the script at the last moment.

Operation Kosovo Freedom ended the ethnic cleansing of Albanians, but mistakenly replaced it with theethnic cleansing of Serbs.

Operation Afghan Freedom enabled the Taliban to come to power.

Operation Afghan Freedom II produced a lot of Rock & Roll and recycled veils, but it also left the country in the hands of feuding warlords and a U.S.-imposed viceroy who fears for his life .

But we promise that you'll love Operation Iraqi Freedom. Unlike the last few productions, we guarantee to kill all the evil-doers—and even more!

—Harry Browne
March 31, 2003

[Note: All countries mentioned in the Coming Attractions have been accused by the U.S. government of terrorist connections or are currently designated by Freedom House as "Not free." Most of these governments engage in torture or other human-rights abuses. And you aren't pro-torture, are you?]

Harry Browne was the Libertarian Party presidential candidate in 1996 and 2000, and is now the Director of Public Policy for the American Liberty Foundation. You can read more of his articles at HarryBrowne.org.


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