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"Doubts" Doubts.mp3 (934k)

I believe in the Constitution…and the rule of law.

So after the terrorist attacks, I was glad we had someone like George Bush in the White House. And when I heard he was going to go after Saddam Hussein, I thought—it's about time.

But I'm beginning to have my doubts…

I recently discovered a new website called, where I learned some surprising things:

  • I learned Saddam Hussein has no nuclear weapons right now. Iraq's weapons program was dismantled after the first Gulf War.

  • I learned Saddam Hussein has no clear ties to Osama Bin Laden or al-Qaeda. In fact, Hussein and bin Laden have been enemies for years.

  • And, at, I was reminded that the Constitution requires the President to get approval—a Declaration of War—before he launches an attack. But President Bush has never sought any such Declaration.

Learn the truth. Visit

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"Lies…" Lies.mp3 (934k)

SPEAKER 2: So, what do you think about this war with Iraq?
SPEAKER 1: Frankly, I don't trust the Bush administration. They're the same people who lied to us about the last Gulf War.
SPEAKER 2: They lied to us?
SPEAKER 1: Oh, yeah. They acted like it was this big surprise when Iraq invaded Kuwait, remember? The fact is, our government knew Saddam's plans well in advance—and they did nothing to stop him.
SPEAKER 2: Where'd you hear that?
SPEAKER 1: It's all documented on this website— And that's not all. Remember when we were told that Iraqi troops were about to invade Saudi Arabia?
SPEAKER 2: Uh-huh…
SPEAKER 1: Another lie. You can read all about it at
SPEAKER 2: But that was ten years ago. What makes you think Bush isn't telling the truth now?
SPEAKER 1: Get this: in this new book, White House insider David Frum reveals that Bush had plans to oust Saddam long before 9-11 ever happened.
SPEAKER 2: You mean, Bush is just using 9-11 as an excuse? But why?
SPEAKER 1: Want the facts? Visit
SPEAKER 2: Hmmmm. I will!

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"Why?" Why.mp3 (934k)

INTREPID REPORTER: Excuse me, can I ask you a question?
GUY ON THE STREET: Yeah, sure.
REPORTER: Why do you think George Bush has decided to attack Iraq?
GUY: Because Saddam Hussein is an evil dictator.
REPORTER: Oh…Then why don't we attack North Korea? Their leader is an evil dictator.
GUY: Yeah, but Saddam's a threat to the United States. He supports terrorists.
REPORTER: Actually, according to the Director of the CIA, it seems Saddam hasn't been supporting terrorism against the United States. North Korea, on the other hand, has openly threatened us.
GUY: Yeah, but Iraq's building terrible weapons.
REPORTER: Are you sure? Meanwhile, we know North Korea has nuclear weapons. So do China and Pakistan. Why don't we attack them?
GUY: If we attacked those countries, they'd strike back—nukes could hit our cities.
REPORTER: Exactly. And the CIA Director has warned: if we attack Iraq, Saddam will strike back at us in whatever way he can.
GUY: Oh…(confused) So, why're we attacking Iraq?
REPORTER: Good question. Get the facts at
GUY: Cool!

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"Cost" Cost.mp3 (934k)

WOMAN'S VOICE: The question is, what'll we really win by going to war with Iraq? And what'll it cost us?
VOICES ECHO: They say a hundred billion dollars.

Or more.

Countless lives lost.

Innocent woman and children.

American soldiers…


WOMAN'S VOICE: But the costs of war are never paid-in-full on the battlefield. Only later do we discover all the hidden expenses…
VOICES ECHO: Years of budget deficits.

Endless "occupation-duty" for our troops.

More hatred directed against Americans.

More terrorist attacks.

More war.
WOMAN'S VOICE: And worst of all, once it's over we often learn the politicians lied to us to gain our support in the first place.

Years from now, will we be better off for bringing another war to the Middle East—a region that so desperately needs peace? Or will our children and grandchildren still be making payments on the Second Gulf War?
NARRATOR: Learn the true cost of another war with Iraq at That's

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